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Don’t choose between a service that provides either comprehensive file collaboration or the confidence of a secure program. Get the best of both worlds with UbiqShare. There’s no need to compromise with our powerful yet user-friendly interface. We combine ease and safety to great effect - storing your files within UbiqShare folders means they will be securely encrypted and password protected on your local drive. Read more →
Secured Way
The Secured Way
The UbiqShare way is the secured way to share files. UbiqShare was created for companies and individuals who want to share critical and confidential data, with the security, power and peace of mind that large enterprises enjoy. We understand better than most that corporate data deserves and needs the highest level of security. We excel at creating custom deployments for private clouds built behind your own corporate... Read more →
Customer Services
Customer <br />Services
UbiqShare is committed to ensuring that every interaction with our product is a positive experience for users. From logging on, to sharing files, to contacting us for technical or client support – we want every step of your UbiqShare journey to be smooth and satisfying. We are dedicated to offering guidance and solutions at all levels. Our customer support team provides immediate assistance for all UbiqShare subscribers. Read more →
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