UbiqShare comes to you from a team of IT expert specialists with a combined total of 30 years within the industry. 

The concept

The concept of UbiqShare emerged from wanting to meet our clients’ needs for a secure business class secure file sharing solution. Guided by users, we were motivated to develop a simple, clean product that packs a powerful punch with special features, a highly secured platform and unlimited space.

What clients want

We listened carefully to the needs of our individual, corporate and enterprise clients and heard clearly what they need from their ideal file sharing solution. The safety and security of clients’ data was a primary concern. Existing solutions just aren’t providing strong enough measures to ensure data isn’t compromised.

The inconvenience of space limitations and draining software applications were other areas that needed improvement to meet all users’ needs. Particularly for corporate clients, a program that is compatible with platforms and integrates effortlessly was in need. Enterprise clients wanted the robustness of a custom deployment that offers truly unique solutions. All clients were united in their demand for truly professional and responsive customer service.

What we deliver

We built a platform that honors all of these demands. The result is UbiqShare.

Our platform gives users greater peace of mind compared to other similar cloud-based products. This is down to the carefully calibrated level of security that has been built into UbiqShare, elevating it from a purely functional file sharing service to an ambitious, solid and dependable system that holds confidence as paramount.

The UbiqShare Dashboard revolutionizes the way that users can share data safely and without fear of prying eyes and security breaches. The clean and streamlined interface can be harmonized with corporate and enterprise infrastructure or adopted by individuals alike.

Most notably, there is unlimited space for data with UbiqShare, enabling users to maximize their file sharing like never before.

UbiqShare. Take your file sharing to a new level.

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