File Security

Secure Local Drive

1Keep files safe on your computer and share easily when you decide. Ubiqshare creates a 256-bit encrypted Vault on your local hard drive for all of your data. Unlike other cloud-based file sharing programs, when the Ubiqshare Dashboard is closed your Vaults become invisible, so your files remain private. When you want to share, simply log in to the Ubiqshare Dashboard with your secret password to make them visible.


2When combined with local drive encryption and password protection, TheftGuard completes Uniqshare’s safety trifecta, providing an unbeatable level of assurance against data theft. Each Ubiqshare device is assigned a unique serial number that is activated in the event of computer loss of theft, allowing you to stop unauthorized access by “shredding” all files and folders within your Ubiqshare. You can even locate and recover your missing device with TheftGuard and GPS tracking on Google Maps.  

Unlimited Backup

3Computers don’t last forever, but your data can be saved with Ubiqshare. Your Vaults will be automatically backed up to our secure cloud each time you make a change to an existing file or add a new one. In in the event of a hard drive crash, you have peace of mind that your data remains safely backed up to redundant servers on the cloud. Ubiqshare provides instant disaster recovery with its Unlimited Backup, subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

Restore Function

Restore Function

If you accidentally delete files, don’t panic. UbiqShare performs 14 daily backups of your Vaults. If you need to retrieve a past version, our simple Restore Function can be activated from your UbiqShare online portal at myUbiqshare.com.

Sending Data


FileLinkThere is no need to struggle and compress large e-mails. Our FileLink function allows you to e-mail a lower-profile secure link. Following the link lets the recipient directly download the file from your secure server within the Ubiqshare cloud. For Outlook users, we have a convenient integrated plugin that generates quick-start access to FileLink within an e-mail itself.


FolderLinkFolderLink lets you give access to an entire folder of files on your secure server. FolderLink directs the recipient to a secure web page where they can view and upload any files that have you authorized. FolderLink is simple to use, effectively removing the need for complicated FTP (File Transfer Protocol) services.

Access Control

Access ControlUbiqShare has created additional security options for FileLinks and FolderLinks to maximize the safety of your data as you send it outside of your extended network. UbiqShare password protects links, limits the number of file downloads allowed and adds expiration dates to disable old links.

File Download Tracking

File Download TrackingFile Download Tracking enables you to know exactly when the recipient has downloaded a file that has been shared.  Both FileLink and FolderLink feature the File Download Tracking option, allowing you to receive an e-mail notification as soon as the file has been opened.



You can add an Ubiqshare widget to your web site or blog. Simply select the “Embed in your site” option and quickly share the contents of any folder that you select from your Vault. The widget also lets users quickly upload files to folders.

Sharing Data

Automatic Sync

Automatic SyncThe headache of manually synchronizing files and folders is over with Ubiqshare’s Automatic Sync. Drag and drop is available for those preferring to do it themselves, while others can simply save documents directly to their Vault and let Ubiqshare do the syncing, every time a file has been changed and whenever you log on.

File Access Settings

File Access SettingsCustomize the access rights to all of the data within your Vault. UbiqShare lets you have total control over which documents are seen and who gets to see them.


File Notifications

File NotificationsFile Notifications let you keep track of any additions, deletions or changes made to files within your shared Vault. Get e-mail alerts on specific files or entire vaults when it suits you.


Online Trash Can

Online Trash CanOnline Trash Can holds all deleted files for easy recovery in the event of an accidental deletion from a shared Vault or local drive.


Delta Sync

Delta SyncUbiqShare utilizes DeltaSync technology to increase the speed of the synchronization process by syncing only the new portions of files.


Ignore Files

Ignore FilesThe Ignore Files action lets you tag files in your shared Vault that are too sensitive to share or that you don’t want to sync.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Online File Manager

Online File ManagerThe UbiqShare Online Dashboard is a file manager that lets you organize your files from any computer with a secure connection. View your Vaults, share files, sync all of your computers, upload multiple files much more when you are away from your local drive.

Windows Explorer / Mac Finder Integration

Windows Explorer / Mac Finder IntegrationUse UbiqShare with any operating system. UbiqShare features are added to Mac Finder and are visible in the right-click menu of Windows Explorer.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Access your files on the go with your mobile device. UbiqShare comes with 5 mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Download your mobile version of Ubiqshare!


Email2FolderEmail files directly to Vaults with the Email2Folder unique email address function that sends then to a special Vault folder.

Sync All Your Computers

Sync All Your ComputersUbiqShare lets you synchronize your personal and business computers so you always have access to your files — whenever and wherever you need them.


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